About us:

Offering a vast collection of the finest toys combined with a considerate service of kowledgeable staff, JW Allen and Sons Toys and Candies located in Redstone Center in the Kimbal Junction area is the most sought after Park City Toy Store.

Established in 2004, it holds various line of products ranging from contemporary specialty to vintage pieces that remain popular up until now.

One is never too old for toys, in fact, nostalgic toys that are considered to be collector's item can also be found in this store.

Wonderful gift ideas and collectibles await at JW Allen and Sons so come and grab a purchase and make someone smile!

Featured Products

  • fine candies
  • scary dinosaurs
  • dolls and doll clothing
  • figurines
  • stuffed toys
  • colorful gumballs
  • pin ball machines
  • scooters
  • unique toy buying experiences
  • high flying kites

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